Feeling balanced and healthy in a modern life is harder than it sounds. Life tends to pull us in one direction and then another. It is easy to feel off-balance or worried about what’s around the next corner. There’s always another text, another work assignment, another family dinner to navigate. You may love every aspect of your life but when it feels like a whirlwind, there’s no time to actually enjoy yourself, much less find that inner balance to health and happiness.

We know that the key to a happy and relaxed life – even at a modern breakneck pace – is to balance your mental and physical fitness. Stress is a leading source of anxiety and coronary disorders among today’s professionals, but when you master that mind-body connection and learn to embrace your own inner balance, you’ll find both peace and physical health become an easy and natural part of your life. Let’s dive into a few ways you can get started finding your chill with balanced mental and physical fitness.

Meditate on the Edge

Meditation and mindfulness are ideal for mental fitness. All the great Yogis know that physical balance comes soon after learning to mediate mentally, that is why meditation is done while sitting up in the lotus position, back straight and ears open, instead of lying on a cozy couch.The lotus position, and others like it, train your body and mind to be alert and ready.

So meditate on the edge – of something you can balance on. Pick the edge of a firm couch, the edge of a stair, or the edge of your deck outside. Sit upright and let your body feel the balance, becoming a column of inner power with each mindful breath.

Let Yourself Move Freely

We often make ourselves feel confined (and more stressed) just by the way we move. Do you hunch over often, clutch your elbows, or find your feet shuffling? These actions physically reinforce a mindset of feeling stressed, tired, or insecure. Throw your shoulders back! Let your body move freely when you walk. Take up more space. Be a little louder when you speak. Don’t let your body tell you when to feel insecure.

When you’re alone, dance and fling out your arms to embrace the joy of movement. When you’re with others, walk with confidence and swing your arms instead of pulling them to your sides. It’s your body, love every movement it makes.

Relax Mind and Body in a Steamy Salt Bath

Want to bring your body and mind into perfect balance? Take a steamy hot bath with magnesium bath salts. The heat and salt will relax your muscles while your mind drifts away in a peaceful half-hour where you don’t have to worry about anything. Practice your meditation or just let your thoughts float away with the steam while your body floats in the water. Mix favorite scents with essential oils and other natural salts to design a refreshing mind and body experience.

Eat Healthy Foods to Lift Your Mood

Eat foods that make you feel good. Start your day with oatmeal, have a whole-wheat sandwich for lunch. Most adults figure out over the years what feels good to eat and what just tastes good. What foods leave you feeling energized, or leave your digestion in good shape? What foods improve your mood and make you feel lighter instead of heavy and sleepy after you eat? 

If you pay attention, your body will tell you which foods are the most healthful, and they are often your healthy favorites. Build your diet from your healthy favorites, the foods that make you feel fresh and energetic for hours after the meal.

K-Chill with Supplements that Boost Your Inner Balance

Supplements are a great way to maintain your inner balance, even if your diet lacks a few essential nutrients. K-Chill is a natural kratom supplement designed to promote wellness and relaxation. Mix K-chill into your favorite fruit smoothie. The Kratom plant works similarly to coffee as it interacts with the stress and pain receptor areas of the brain, and assists you in achieving relaxation and what we like to call “chill mode”. Drink, relax, and be happy with refreshed energy from a little K-chill supplement in your diet.

Exercise Until You Feel Awesome

Exercise unifies your body and mind as you strive to find balance. As you begin to work out, chances are your body (and mind!) will start to object. Work through the first burn. If you feel like shouting or even weeping, let it happen. That’s the exercise working its way through the emotions we store as chemicals in the body. When you hit your second wind, soaked in sweat and getting into that cardio groove, you’ll start to realize how good you actually feel.

Do this daily (or at least a couple times a week) to work out those stored emotions and become unified in body and mind, not to mention, well on your way to a great weekly workout routine.

Stretch Out and Feel Your Entire Body

Reach for the sky. Reach further. Feel your shoulders going as far as they can, lift up on your toes,  hit your peak, and relax. Stretching is an important part of mental and physical wellness. When your body is hunched up, you can feel hanged up. It’s easier to be anxious with your shoulders slumped and your arms pulled in. So stretch out instead. Claim your space. Expand your chest, back, and shoulders. If you start to feel like dancing, let it happen, even put on some music. Moving freely not just unlocks muscle knots, it also frees your mind.

Get Your Smoothie Game On

Last but not least, get serious about your smoothie game. Smoothies are easy to make with almost any ingredient you feel is right. You can blend in fresh fruit, K-Chill, other supplements, protein shake mix, and the list goes on.  Sneak veggies into your smoothies for a nutrition boost, along with anything else you might find tasty or nutritious in the mix.

Here at K-Chill, we believe in a healthy balanced life and balanced nutrition. We are proud to offer products that help people achieve the relaxation, focus, and happiness they desire and deserve. Use these tips to unify your body and mind and achieve overall personal wellness.

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